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CATERING INSURANCE: For Caterers Who Can't Afford To Raise A King's Ransom

Food fit for a king. The motto of caterers everywhere. But you could be in need of a king's ransom if you find yourself on the wrong end of a claim for damages without catering insurance.

Maybe you think it couldn't happen to you. But just consider the risks that every caterer runs. Raw ingredients could be contaminated without you even knowing. An overly enthusiastic but not very experienced trainee could cut corners on required cooking times. Hot fat and boiling liquids can cause burns and scalds.

The fact is that however careful you are either your customers or your staff could end up suffering injury or illness. And they could decide to sue you. If that happens and you don't have caterers insurance - including both public liability and employers' liability - it won't just be a culinary disaster you're looking at. It could be a financial disaster.

But if you do have the right kind of insurance for caterers, you'll know that the cost of any compensation payment as well as all the legal costs - which together could easily run into thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds - will be covered.

(You'll also escape the hefty fines that could be imposed on you if you're employing staff but don't have employers' liability insurance. It's a legal requirement.)

And while you're thinking about insurance, you might also want to cover your equipment against damage and theft. After all, if something happens and you can't afford to replace it, you won't be catering for anyone.

Don't be without the protection you need. Just follow the link to find the caterer insurance that's right for you and your business.


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CATERING INSURANCE: Can You Afford To Be A Public Liability?

When it comes to insurance for caterers, it can sometimes seem like a list of endless questions. Do you need cover for this? Do you need cover for that?

Some things are clear enough. If you employ any staff, you’re required by law to have employers’ liability insurance. If (as you probably have) you’ve invested a lot of money in equipment, it makes sound sense to insure it.

But what about other types of insurance? Public liability, for example.

If you’re a contract caterer, you may find that clients sometimes insist that you have public liability insurance. And mobile caterers might find that councils and event organisers make the same demand. So purely from the point of view of getting business, you may want to include public liability cover in your caterers insurance package.

But it’s not a legal requirement. So does it make sense to do without it if you can?

Your decision. But...

No matter how careful you are, things don’t always go according to plan. Raw ingredients can become contaminated without you even knowing. Interruptions and distractions can result in food being inadequately cooked. Boiling water and other hot liquids can get spilled and cause burns. In short, even though it may be the last thing you want, customers can end up suffering injuries or illness.

If that happens, they’re likely to make a claim against you. And if that happens, you could be faced with having to find the money for a sizeable compensation payment and some pretty hefty legal bills. More than enough, quite possibly, to put you out of business.

Unless, of course, your catering insurance includes public liability cover. So, no, it doesn’t make sense to do without it. Even if you can.

Follow the link to get the caterer insurance cover you need to protect your business.

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catering insurance policies

provide a high level of protection to your catering business. We insure both on-site contract caterers and mobile units such as burger vans, ice cream vans and coffee trailers etc.
Dealing with the public exposes your catering business to all manner of risks. Serving food that results in a customer being ill, or accidentally spilling hot water that causes bodily injury are just a few hazards caterers need to guard against. Caterers liability insurance protects your business against these unexpected events, giving you one less thing to worry about. It not only pays the legal fees if a claim is made against you, but also any compensation payments if you are found liable. 
By working closely with our underwriter, Brit Insurance, we are able to offer affordable catering insurance from just £50.40 pa annum - which we believe are amongst the cheapest rates, for caterers, in the UK. Furthermore, our catering insurance policies are specifically worded for the catering industry with few exclusions. Products for caterers include public liability insurance, employers liability insurance & tools equipment insurance. You have the freedom to choose coverage limits. Why not compare our prices by getting your caterers insurance quote here. 
Applying for your cheap catering insurance

is easy & takes just a few minutes to arrange. If you have any questions along the way, please call our customer services team on 03333 211403. 

2-Oct-2010 Category: Article, Insurance Policy for Caterers by Catering Insurance Brokers

CATERING INSURANCE: Don’t Let A Mishap Eat Up Your Business

Maybe you’re a contract caterer working on-site. Or maybe you run a mobile unit – a burger van, ice cream van or tea and coffee trailer. In whatever area of the industry you work, you know that catering has its hazards.

Which is why you need catering insurance.

Contaminated ingredients (which you may not even know about) or inadequate cooking (and how many things can you think about at once when you’ve got an impatient queue of customers?) can lead to food poisoning. And with boiling water or hot fat around, burns and scalds can easily follow.

In short, accidents can happen.

But these days, people aren’t so ready to treat an accident as an accident. They’ve seen the TV commercials. They know all about ‘no win, no fee’. So even if it’s not your fault, if a customer is taken ill or receives an injury, you could still be faced with some very unwelcome legal bills that you probably won’t have budgeted for.

However, with the right caterers insurance package, one that includes public liability insurance, you’ll be covered not only for your legal costs but also for the amount of any compensation payment awarded against you (which could be more than enough to swallow your whole business if you’re uninsured).

Are there any other insurances you should have? Well, if you employ staff then with only a very few exceptions you’re required by law to have employers’ liability insurance. And there are significant fines for failing to comply. Be aware also that the legal definition of ‘employee’ is a broad one. So don’t assume that just because you only employ people on a casual or part-time basis, it doesn’t apply to you.

You might also want your equipment covered in your caterer insurance package. Think about it, if an expensive item stops working and you can’t afford to replace it straight away, you could be out of business for a while. Could you still pay the bills if that happened?

Now’s the time to find the very best insurance for caterers. Alternatively, call 03333 211403 or email

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