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Shoe Repair / Polishers Insurance

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In this day and age what used to be called an accident is now a reason to take legal action. People are only too ready to sue if they feel they have any kind of grievance. All it need take is for someone to trip over in your shop and a claim for damages could be heading your way.

Without Shoe Repair / Polishers public liability insurance, you could be left personally liable for the full amount of any compensation award made against you and possibly for all the legal bills as well – yours and theirs.

It’s really not worth the risk, is it? Particularly not since you can arrange your insurance in a matter of minutes. And at a highly competitive price. (You’ll also be covered in the event that you accidentally cause any damage to someone else’s property.)

Click here for an instant public liability insurance quote.

We can also arrange a number of other insurances that you might need to safeguard your business, including employers’ liability and tools & equipment cover as well as personal accident & sickness and health & safety protection. Follow the links to find out more.

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