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Tradesman Insurance: Donít Let An Accident Put You Out Of Business

Builders, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, carpenters, caterers, cleaners, painters & decorators. Of all the hundreds of different trades, the vast majority have one thing in common. An accident, mistake or oversight can result in injury to someone else or damage to someone elseís property.

Which is why tradesman insurance is so important.

A plumber fits a new pipe ...

02/02/2011 Categories: Insurance for Tradesman by Builders Insurance Brokers
Tradesman Insurance: Itís A Good News Story

Most of us donít like thinking too much about things that might go wrong. After all, they may never happen, so why dwell on the downside? Much better to be optimistic.

Particularly if youíre a self-employed tradesman. Who ever heard of a convinced pessimist running a successful business?

So hereís a positive take on tradesman insurance. It could help you win more cust...

02/02/2011 Categories: Articles, Tradesman Insuranc by Builders Insurance Brokers
Builder Insurance: Youíve Heard It All Before. Blah, Blah, Blah

Youíve heard it all before. Everyone it seems has his own Ďnightmare buildersí story. The one about the builders who spent more time drinking tea than doing any work. Or the one about the builders who knocked down the wrong wall. Or the one about...

None of them apply to you, of course, because you work hard to deliver an excellent job, at a fair price, time and again. But still you...

02/02/2011 Categories: Articles, Builder Insurance by Tradesman Insurance Brokers
Builder Insurance: Donít Run The Risk Of Doing Without It

Whatever type of building work youíre involved in, you know how easily accidents can happen. Mostly, itís simple enough to put things right and shrug things off.

But not always. And thatís why you really do need builder insurance.

If you damage a customerís property or, even worse, the customer is injured, that customer is going to want compensation. ...

02/02/2011 Categories: Articles, Builder Insurance by Tradesman Insurance Brokers
Information Required Getting A Public Liability Insurance Quote

A liability insurance quote will help in determining the cost of insurance coverage for your business. The major information required to get an offline or online quote are business category or type, details about business activities and number of employees.

You would require all these information to get a Public Liability Insurance quote...

02/02/2011 Categories: Articles, Public Liability Insurance by Tradesman Insurance Brokers
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Builders Insurance Policies

Our builders insurance policies offer comprehensive protection to UK building firms and contractors. Builders Insurance Cover is available to both commercial & residential builders.
Building can be a dangerous business so its worth protecting your business against unexpected incidents. A brick falls off the site and hits a passer by. An employee falls off a ladder & suffers injuries. These incidents can result in costly, potentially ruinous claims being made against you. Our builders liability insurance safeguards you from the financial consequences of these claims. With builders insurance premiums starting from just 50 per annum can you afford to be without it?
Builders insurance cover includes public liability insurance, employers liability insurance and tools equipment insurance, all underwritten by Brit Insurance, one of the UK's largest and financially sound insurers.

To get your cheap builders insurance quote please click here. If you your happy with our builders insurance quote can start immediately subject to you meeting our eligibility criteria. If you have any questions about what builders liability insurance is best for your business or need help to apply please contact our dedicated team on 03333 211403 or email - they will get back to you straight away.

17-Sep-2010 Category: Article, Insurance Policy For Builders by Builder Insurance Brokers

BUILDER INSURANCE: Now You’ve Built Your Business, Don’t Lose It

Building can be a hazardous business. Which is why, if you’re self-employed or you run a small firm, you need Builder Insurance.

People can fall of ladders. Drilling in the wrong place can cause flooding. Bricks, tiles, tools can fall on passers-by. Faulty wiring can cause fires.

And what one person calls an accident, another calls negligence – which can lead to a massive claim for damages. The kind of claim that, if successful (or unsuccessful from your point of view) could put you out of business for a very long time, if not permanently.

Even if the claim isn’t successful, you could still be facing legal costs that you certainly won’t be able to fund out of petty cash!

But with the right kind of builders insurance – including public liability insurance and, if you’re running a small business, employers liability insurance – you’ll be protected against that kind of financial disaster.

And it’s not just risks to other people and other people’s property you need to worry about. You probably hate the expression “looks like a building site” but with a lot of tools and equipment lying around, you can’t keep track of everything all the time. And it’s all too easy for items, sometimes expensive items, to go ‘missing’. You know the score.

But if you add tools equipment insurance to your builder insurance package, you can protect yourself against this drain on your resources too.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t lose it. Follow this link to find the very best in builder insurance.

11-Sep-2010 Category: Article, Insurance For Builders by Builder Insurance Brokers