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Builders Insurance is essential for your business

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Builders Insurance is essential for your business

Builders' insurance policies are a part of the insurance for tradesmen involved in building firms and contracting. This cover is available to both commercial & residential builders.Building and construction are associated with many hazards. There are bricks, cement, water, wood and other materials which can be potentially ruinous. Big and small equipment used, from hammers to cement-mixers, is also capable of causing good damage if not handled properly. Builders insurance ensures smooth sailing of your business by helping out in situations where you may have to pay huge claims due to some unfortunate mishap.

A builder’s trade is dangerous and that is why an insurance cover is a must; bad material, water flooding in an entire unit, fires caused by wrong electric wirings- all this is taken care of by builders insurance.With policies underwritten by Brit Insurance, builders insurance offered by Tradesman Insurance covers public liability insurance, employers liability insurance and tools equipment insurance. We offer you total peace of mind for just a few pounds per annum. For any assistance, contact our team of experts on 0161 833 2100 or email

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