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Builder Insurance: Donít Run The Risk Of Doing Without It

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Builder Insurance: Donít Run The Risk Of Doing Without It

Whatever type of building work youíre involved in, you know how easily accidents can happen. Mostly, itís simple enough to put things right and shrug things off.

But not always. And thatís why you really do need builder insurance.

If you damage a customerís property or, even worse, the customer is injured, that customer is going to want compensation. And that means you could easily find yourself being sued.

Without builders insurance - including builders public liability insurance - that could spell the end of your business and everything youíve worked so hard to (forgive the pun!) build up. Because itís not just the damages you could be liable for but all the legal costs as well. Yours and theirs. And lawyers donít come cheap.

Of course, if you do have the right kind of builder insurance, you can take it all in your stride. Youíll know from the outset that your costs will be covered. So no sleepless nights worrying about where youíre going to find the money.

And while youíre thinking about insurance Ö do you employ any staff? Even if itís just casual labour, you could well be under a legal obligation to have employerís liability cover. Fortunately, you can easily include this in a decent builders insurance package at very competitive rates.

You might also want to think about protecting your tools and equipment. You must have had the experience of things going missing or getting broken. Small stuff? Well, you can probably brush it off. Thatís life. But what about the bigger stuff? Expensive power tools and so on. How easily could you afford to replace those? And if you canít, how are you going to carry on the job without them?

For very little cost, you can buy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if something vital goes missing, the funds will be available to buy a new one.

Without proper insurance for builders, youíre running a big risk with your future. Every day. So wouldnít it be better to protect yourself and you future?

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