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Tradesman Insurance: Donít Let An Accident Put You Out Of Business

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Tradesman Insurance: Donít Let An Accident Put You Out Of Business

Builders, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, carpenters, caterers, cleaners, painters & decorators. Of all the hundreds of different trades, the vast majority have one thing in common. An accident, mistake or oversight can result in injury to someone else or damage to someone elseís property.

Which is why tradesman insurance is so important.

A plumber fits a new pipe incorrectly resulting in thousands of pounds worth of water damage. An electricianís faulty wiring causes a fire. A mobile caterer undercooks a burger and causes food poisoning.

When incidents like these happen - and there are similar examples for almost every trade you can think of - itís all too likely that a claim for damages will follow. After all, with so many Ďno win, no feeí deals available, itís no wonder that customers these days are quick to seek compensation through the courts.

If an award is made against you - and donít forget thereíll be legal costs as well - you could be faced with having to pay out a lot more than your business can afford.

However, if your insurance for tradesmen includes public liability cover, youíll be able to carry on working, knowing that the insurance company will be picking up the bills.

Is public liability the only type of cover your tradesman insurance should include? Not if you have anybody working for you. Even if you only take on casual labour, employersí liability insurance is a legal requirement. And there are hefty fines for failing to comply.

And if, like many tradesmen, you use expensive tools and equipment, you might want to add those to your tradesman insurance to protect yourself financially against the cost of them getting damaged or stolen.

Just follow the link to find the insurance for tradesmen thatís right for you.

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