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Car Valeting Insurance - Because One Simple Accident Could Clean You Out

Whether you operate from fixed premises or run a mobile business, you should be thinking about car valeting insurance.

For a start, you’re dealing with people’s precious assets, often very expensive assets. And if a customer’s pride and joy gets damaged, he or she is going to want compensation. From you.

But with car valeter insurance, you’ll be covered against that kind of unexpected, and unwelcome, expense.

Maybe you’re thinking you’re much too careful for it to be a problem. But it can happen so easily. A simple accident when moving a customer’s car could lead to scratches or dents. A mishap with a chemical cleaner could ruin a car’s paintwork or upholstery. And if we’re talking about a high value vehicle, the repair costs could run to thousands.

Could your business cope with that?

More likely it would clean out the coffers and close you down. Which is why you need a car valeters insurance package which includes public liability insurance to cover your legal fees and compensation if you’re sued.

As part of the package, you should also think about tools/equipment insurance. If expensive machinery gets stolen or breaks down, could you afford to replace it straight away? If not, you’ll be out of business until you can.

And remember, if you employ any staff, you’re required by law to hold employers liability insurance.

Public liability; tools/equipment; employers liability. Simply follow this link to find the very best insurance for car valeters.
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CAR VALETING INSURANCE: Everything Was Going So Well, Until...

This is the story of an enterprising car valeter, known to his friends as CV, who’d thought of everything except car valeting insurance.

For a while, everything was going very well. He wasn’t just getting more customers, he was getting more affluent customers. In fact things couldn’t have been better. Until the day when, rather than turn people away, he took on rather more than he could handle.

Struggling to cope under the pressure, CV accidentally used the wrong solvent on a top-of-the-range BMW’s upholstery and managed to ruin one very expensive car interior. Lacking the public liability cover that a good car valeter insurance package would have given him, he was now going to have to fund one very costly repair job out of his own pocket.

And then things got worse

Trying to fit too many cars into too small a space, and not being entirely familiar with the Porsche he was manoeuvring, he managed to injure his assistant’s leg by reversing into her. Not surprisingly, and in no uncertain terms, she made it quite clear that she was going to make a claim against CV for damages.

Without the employers’ liability cover that he could easily have included in the car valeters insurance he could easily have arranged, CV was now faced with a very difficult choice. Either he’d have to find the money to pay a lawyer to defend him in court. (And he didn’t exactly have the strongest of cases.) Or he’d have to find the money to cover an out-of-court settlement.

On top of that, as another customer helpfully pointed out to CV, he could also be liable for a hefty fine. What CV hadn’t realised was that by taking on staff, he was legally obliged to take out employers’ liability insurance.

Still, being an optimistic and resilient sort of person, CV went home that evening thinking, “oh well, things are bound to look better in the morning”.

They certainly looked different in the morning. Because that’s when he discovered that all his equipment had been stolen overnight. With no car valeting insurance, and therefore no tools and equipment cover, CV was now looking at an expense too far. He was at serious risk of losing his business and everything he had worked for. (And his friends were going to have to think of a new nickname for him.)

If you’re in the same business as CV – whether you have fixed premises or you run a mobile operation – don’t be like him. Follow the link to get your insurance for car valeters.

2-Oct-2010 Category: Article, Insurance For Car Valeting by Car Valeting Insurance Brokers

Car Valeting Insurance

Welcome to our car valeting insurance service. With prices starting from just £50.40 per annum, we hope we can save you money this year.

Insurance is important to car valeters because you work on expensive and much cherished vehicles. Be it a Porsche or a Ford any damage claims could cost thousands of pounds. 

We offer comprehensive car washing insurance to both fixed premises and mobile operators.  So if things go wrong, be it an attendant who bumps or dents a customers car whilst moving it, or your equipment / chemicals cause paint damage our car washers insurance will cover reimbursement costs. Similarly, if one of your employees or casual workers slip up and injures themselves our employers liability insurance for car washers will compensate the claimant for injuries. If your equipment or machinery fails our tools/equipment insurance will cover replacement costs.

We all know there's a growing culture of litigation in the UK so it pays to have the best possible protection. Failure to do could have a ruinous effect on your business. In partnership with one of the countries top insurers, Brit Insurance, we have developed a specialist car valeting and car washers insurance scheme that protects your business against all eventualities. Buying cover is easy. Click here to get your cheap car valeting insurance quote, answer a few easy questions & we'll have you on cover in minutes.

Products include; Public liability insurance, Employers liability insurance and Tools/Equipment insurance. If you have any questions regarding your car valeting insurance quote please contact our customers services team on 03333 211403.

1-Oct-2010 Category: Article, Insurance Policy For Car Valeting by Car Valeting Insurance Brokers

CAR VALETING INSURANCE: Don't Forget You're Dealing With People's Prized Possessions

We all know how proud people can be of their cars - especially the people who use car valeting services. And it’s not surprising when you consider how much money they have invested in them.

And since you’re being entrusted with these high value, highly prized possessions all day, every day, car valeting insurance has to be a must.

Whether you have fixed premises or you run a mobile operation, there are plenty of opportunities during your working day for things to go badly wrong. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen.

Just imagine.

You have a mishap with a specialist cleaning fluid and make an all too obvious mess of a Range Rover’s upholstery. One not very happy owner is going to be making a claim against you for the maximum amount he can.

Or you have to move a customer’s Merc into a tight space and you make contact with another customer’s Porsche. It only has to be a small nudge or a tiny scrape and two not very happy owners are going to be making a claim against you for the maximum amount they can.

If you don’t have the public liability cover that a good car valeters insurance package should include, you’re going to be faced with compensation payments that could run into thousands of pounds plus some very expensive legal bills on top.

Could your business withstand that kind of shock? If not, you could lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build up.

There are some other risks you might want to consider too. You’ve probably invested a lot of money in the equipment you use. If it gets damaged or stolen, could you afford to replace it straight away? If not, you’ll be out of business until you can. But if you add tools and equipment cover to your car valeter insurance, you’ll be able to carry on with the minimum disruption.

If you employ any staff and one of them has an accident at work, once again you could find yourself facing a claim for compensation. If your car valeting insurance includes employers liability cover, however, you’ll be protected financially in the event of that happening. In fact, if you do employ staff, even just casual labour, employers liability insurance is a legal requirement.

So don’t work without it. Just follow the link to get the insurance for car valeters that will protect you and your business

26-Sep-2010 Category: Article, Public Liability Insurance Policy For Car Valeting by Car Valeting Insurance Brokers