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Chimney Sweepers Insurance

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What with the soot and the dust and the equipment you have to use, you know only too well there’s a real risk of causing mayhem in customers’ properties when you sweep their chimneys. That’s why you take every care to ensure it doesn’t happen.

But we all make mistakes from time to time. We all have the odd careless moment. And the fact is that if you do cause any damage (and in your line of work, it could be a lot of damage) you could easily find yourself on the wrong end of a serious claim for compensation. If the case goes against you, not only would you be personally liable for the full amount of the compensation award, you could also end up having to foot all the legal bills as well.

If that doesn’t bear thinking about, you need public liability insurance. It’s easy to arrange. And it needn’t cost anything like as much as you might have thought. Suspicious? Put it to the test.

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We can also arrange a number of other insurances for you, all underwritten by top insurers, including employers’ liability and tools & equipment cover. Follow the links to find out more.
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