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Groundworks Insurance

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As an experienced Groundworker, you know only too well the risks involved in what you do. And you obviously take the greatest care to avoid them. But everyone can make mistakes occasionally. Things can go wrong.

And if you were to accidentally rupture a water pipe or dig through a mains cable or, even worse, if a customer were to fall into an unmarked trench, you can expect a substantial claim for damages to arrive on your doormat.

If the case goes against you, not only would you be liable for the full amount of any compensation award, you could also be faced with having to pay all the legal costs as well – yours and theirs.

Without public liability insurance, that could be enough to push you to the edge of bankruptcy if not beyond.

However, there is some good news. It couldn’t be easier to arrange your public liability cover. And at a highly competitive price.  

Click here for an instant public liability insurance quote.

We can also arrange a number of other insurances for you, all underwritten by top insurers, including:

  • employers’ liability
  • tools & equipment
  • personal accident & sickness
  • health & safety
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